Organisations like Indienhilfe, Germany, keep several of Seva Kendra's aid and developmental programmes relevant and lifechanging. through their active involvement in funding projects.
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Corporate Sponsorships
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If you represent a corporate or an aid/funding organisation, and would like to partner with us, or offer a donation towards our work, please contact Mr. Bablu Sarkar +91 33 2329 0381, who will assist you in facilitating your requirement.
You may also email:
Seva Kendra Calcutta's work is supported by the generous efforts of our donors - Corporates, International/national Organisations, and individuals - and carried out by our teams of staff and volunteers. Involve in our work, through a donation to Seva Kendra - or to do even more - join the Seva Kendra family or Volunteer with us, directly changing the face of society in West Bengal.

Donations in India to Seva Kendra Calcutta are tax deductible u/s 80G.
For a list of our current partners/donors, see Collaborators.

Individual Sponsorships
Donations from individuals through Cheque/Draft can be pledged by filling in and submitting our DONATION FORM [Click to open Form for filling], here. We will contact you to verify your pledge, so please do confirm your phone/mobile number and email address.

Cash donations can also be made, do call our Kolkata main office at +91 33 2329 0381 for assistance.

As a guideline, you can make a difference by contributing:
Rs. 1000 ($20) : Seeds to farmer whose crop failed/destroyed
Rs. 2500 ($50) : Annual Expense of a school child
Rs. 5000 ($100) : Emergency treatment of a patient
Rs. 7500 ($150) : Leadership training programme for 30 persons
Rs. 10000 ($200) : Annual Salary of a community animator
... or donate any amount you like. Be our partners in a community movement!

Regular Giving
Corporates or individuals wishing to donate a specific on a periodic basis (once a month/year) towards our projects can contact Mr. Bablu Sarkar +91 33 2329 0381, who will assist you in selecting a project to sponsor as well as answer your questions. You may also email:
Bequests Gifts
You may wish to advise Seva Kendra Calcutta that you are leaving a bequest to us or discuss your decision to leave a gift in your Will and how this will be utilised in the work Seva Kendra Calcutta.

For information about bequests please call Mr. Bablu Sarkar +91 33 2329 0381.

Informing us about your decision will ensure your gift is received by Seva Kendra Calcutta, and is utilised for the purpose you intend, making it a rare gift which will change lives beyond your own lifetime.

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