Alternative Energy Solutions Project

Lack of access to modern energy facilities condemns millions of people in India to live in absolute poverty. Presently, about 80,000 villages in India have no electricity. These villages therefore have limited access to modern communications, inadequate education and health facilities and underperforming work and businesses.

The role of new and renewable energy has been assuming increasing significance in recent times with the growing concern for the country's energy security. Our programmes are designed to help institutions and individuals to seek alternative solutions. We provide them with technical and business advice and link them with various institutions to deliver concrete results in their communities. SKC has been working toward providing clean energy so that children can study in a well-lighted place and people can experience well-being in their community. All of this is achievable through self-reflected action taken to minimize the use of fossil fuel.


Technology SKC provides technical training and advice; assistance with product sourcing and manufacturing; facilitates access to technical advice. Skills SKC trains entrepreneurs in business planning, sales and marketing, record keeping thus helping them to develop their businesses and gain access to capital. Delivery network SKC uses its local knowledge to advice entrepreneurs about alternative suppliers, buyers/ distributors/markets and technology/ product offerings, and collaborates with entrepreneurs in purchasing and sales opportunities.
- 56 young men and women are trained to assemble solar lights
- 7 institutions are supported to install solar photovoltaic and water heating systems
- 2 regional level workshops on 'Promotion of Solar Energy’

Future Plans:
- SKC as eco-friendly and self-sustained campus
- National level network for promoting renewable energy