Seva Kendra Community Care Centres

Our Community Care Centres (CCC) for HIV/AIDS at Dum Dum and Medinipur have been working well over these last few years. Our CCC staff members are very caring and understanding towards People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA).

When the clients visit our Community Care Centres, they come with a lot of anxiety, depression and negative attitude towards life. After the short stay at CCC, the clients are able to acquire positive attitude towards life. The service to the clients continues even after they are discharged- through home visits and follow ups. In this way a client becomes a family member of Seva Kendra's Community Care Centre.

Seva Kendra Community Care Centre, Dum Dum
Our aim is to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) in North 24 Parganas & Nadia districts of West Bengal and provide a sense of belongingness among PLHA and their families for full and active participation in society and also to reduce further HIV transmission. Seva Kendra Calcutta opened a 10 bedded Community Care Centre at Dum Dum Cantonment, Kolkata in September 2008.

In Patient and Out Patient services were started from December 2008. Since the initiation, we have provided support to 1527 new clients through In patient and Out patient services. Since April 2011 to March 2012, we have registered 560 new clients. Out of these 450 are on On ART (Initiated Antiretroviral therapy), 110 are PRE ART (Antiretroviral therapy not yet initiated). 863 old clients also receive continual health care support from CCC. Out of which 686 are On ART out patients, 85 are PRE ART out patients, 89 are On ART in patients and 3 are Pre ART in patients. During this period 463 PLHA (People living with HIV/AIDS) were referred by the Government ARTcentre and 97 PLHA visited on their own.

We have also provided counseling on drug adherence to 393 new clients, 753 old clients and families of 615 PLHA on various issues. Out Reach Workers have visited the homes of 638 clients to verify address, follow up on CD4 count, adherence assessment, home based care and other services as per the need of PLHA. We have also referred 867 clients to various service delivery points.

Mr. Anjan Das (name changed) is the only earning member in the family of four. His wife Mrs. Sephali Das (name changed) is a house wife and they have one girl and a boy. Their two year old son started suffering from severe malnutrition and recurrent respiratory infections. He was detected as reactive to HIV. They were sent back and were asked to contact the local ART centre. Since they did not know what ART centre was they did nothing about it. One of our Out Reach Worker later came to know about it and brought them to our CCC.

Our counselor spoke to them and convinced the whole family to visit ICTC (Integrated counseling and testing and testing centres) for test. It has been found that all four members of the family are reactive to HIV. This was shocking news to the family. The parents were anxious and depressed and the father developed suicidal ideation. Our counselor worked on the family and motivated them to undergo further treatment. The ART centre appreciated our efforts and accepted our suggestion to treat them together at our CCC center. The whole family stayed at our CCC for 6 days. Our CCC staff right from the doctor to the cook treated the case in a special manner. Finally on they were discharged from CCC with a smile on their face. They told us that the love, concern & care of Seva Kendra staff is an inspiration to them to start a new life and that they will follow the advice provided at Seva Kendra to continue ART throughout their life for a better future.

St. Joseph's Community Care Centre, Medinipur
St Joseph's Community Care Centre was started in March 2009 in order to bring credulous transformation into the lives of HIV infected people. The centre, set amidst pristine and picturesque greenery and a mere ten minutes drive from the main town is a clear escape from the frenzy and the harshness of urban life. Catholic Bishops Conference of India, under the project 'Promoting Access to Care & Treatment (PACT) generously provides financial and technical assistance.

From January 2011 to May 2012 there were 508 new registrations, 1125 outpatients, 653 inpatients and 989 home-visits conducted.

St. Joseph's Community Care Centre provides following services: -
Qualitative counseling in the form of group, individual and couple counseling.
- Assist the participants to conduct test/s prescribed by the doctors 4 Referrals to ART center, DOTS, ICTC etc.
- Free checkups and medication facilities under the care of experienced Doctors
- Drug counselling, infection prevention at home and Minor OI treatment.
- Regular home visits to check on follow-ups and adherence level.
- Home visits also conducted for LFU/Miss Visit patients Achievements
- Succeeded up to some extent to facilitate more PLHIVs
- Trace back the miss visit and LFU clients and ensure 100% adherence through counseling
- Home visits for address verification of new registered clients
- Increase bed duration percentage, monitoring of side effects for lead-in cases.

Future plans
Need to have an effective coordination between ICTC, ART centre,
- DOTS & Other Service Delivery Point 4 Expand the community sensitization programme like group meeting and interaction exposition
- Counseling and record keeping should be done accordingly
- Opportunity should be given to PLHA to share their experience & suffering from HIV/AIDS
- Referrals to various government facilities and schemes

Kajol Pal belonging to a very conservative family became a widow with a son at a very early age. Soon after her husband died, her in-laws began to physically torture her. Her physical condition deteriorated. She visited some local doctors but her health did not improve.

Later she came in contact with a CINI link worker who referred her to ICTC for HIV test. She was tested positive and her son was tested negative. When her in laws learnt that she was HIV positive, she was further tortured and finally kicked out of her house. She took refuge in her parent's house.

Since her parents were poor, they asked her to find a job. So she approached us for a job and we appointed her as the Out Reach Worker. She is now very happy and independent.