Child Centered Development (CCD)

Supported by Indienhilfe e.V Herrsching, Germany
CCD - West Medinipur, A school-based approach
Seva Kendra Calcutta (Extn) Kharagpur major work is the CCD project, which has been re-structured and is working with a new school based approach, with effect from November 2011. Supported by Indienhilfe e.V Herrsching , Germany , the project is actively at force in 5 blocks in the district of West Medinipur. The four major components of the project are Education, Nutrition, Health and Dignity and the activities are performed highlighting these major components. The project aims at the welfare of every child and then moves up from child to the family and then into the community as a whole. It makes every possible attempt to ensure that the rights of the child are protected and restore back their childhood.

At present we are focusing on providing educational support to every child as its Fundamental Right, through a school based approach and at the same time tackling the problem of school drop-outs, irregular students/ absentees and child labour. CCD provides special coaching and guidance to slow learners as per RTE (Right to Education Act) and motivate the parents of these children. Special care is taken to provide for the health and nutritional needs to both mother and the child through periodical health check up programs at schools, monitoring the process of ICDS/ improvements of mid- day meals and ensuring spot- feeding, supplementing the quality of the meals by promoting nutrition garden in the school premises, inculcating healthy practices among people etc., eliminating the discrimination towards the girl child and enhancing the “Right to participation” of every child.

Beside these activities there are IGA (Income generating activity) for the groups by availing various Government facilities. Communities are also encouraged to apply RTI (Right to information) act as directed by the Samonay (Information kiosk) groups formed at
the very grass root level, to build confidence in them.

A few achievement of Child Centered Development,
in the financial year 2011-12 are as follows:
- Total 11 Child Centered Development - Coaching centres are going on in High School premises, to reduce the rate of irregularity and drop-outs and to provide special coaching to the slow learners
- Total 9 drop outs. 2 child labourers were rescued and main-streamed. 56 irregular students were regularized.
- Shishu mela organized at NPMS project area with great enthusiasm. Nearly 300 students from CCD- high schools participated
- Eco-group, Salboni prepared the water harvest system and also 3 smoke-less Chullas as a response to the destruction done to the environment.
- 10 School health committees were formed and are performing various activities at School to develop an ideal school environment
- Nutrition gardens are being cultivated in most of the ICDS Schools( both Primary and High) which has provided nearly 50 kg of fresh vegetables( without any types of chemical fertilizers/pesticides) to supplement the quality of the meals at schools.
- 23 nutrition demonstrations were conducted to educate the mothers on the healthy way of cooking food which retains the quality and
nutrition of the food after cooking.
- 17 traditional water filters were installed and 44 new sanitation units from all the three units were constructed and are in use.
- 10 new SHGs are formed and 126 SHGs are involved in IGA either with the help of Government loans/ internal loans.
- Samonay (information kiosk) are active and functioning as clusters in every unit, which facilitates community to avail different
government schemes.
- Micro-plan done and the implementation is going on in D. Belar (Salboni), Borotalpada and Ramchandrapur (Baligeria), through
community initiatives.