Seva Kendra Community College

Seva Kendra Community College was started on 1st December 2008 with 20 students. It is an alternative system of education, aimed at empowerment of the disadvantaged and the underprivileged urban and rural poor. The education is focused on employment with the support of the local industry. Courses are conducted on soft skills, basic electronics, computer hardware, culinary art and nursing.

Improving spoken English of students is given equal importance during these courses.

Industrial partners
Community Colleges can succeed only with the active participation and collaboration of local industrial partners. Our partners are:

- Jindal Computers: provides computer hardware training to the students, enabling them to upgrade knowledge and develop practical skills in computer hardware.

- Bellona Nursing & Diagnostics Centre: provides nursing assistant training to the students, enabling them to upgrade knowledge and develop practical skills in nursing.

- SYNERGY Kitchen & Hospitality Ltd. and Moulin Rouge: provide training to our community college students to become assistant cooks

Courses Available
a. Computer hardware - Since April 2011 the enrolment to this course has increased. Students taking up this course are positive about the usefulness of this course for them in the future.

b. Nursing Assistant – The participantsare given hands-on training in different hospitals along with their regular theory classes at SKCC.
c. Assistant Cook – Through this course many of our students have got jobs overseas and have fulfilled their dreams.

d. Basic Electronics and maintenance of solar energy equipment – This new course enables the students to assemble solar lamps and other solar energy equipments. Some of the former students have also begun training the new students.

e. Fundaments, MS-Office, and Internet – Knowledge of using computers has become increasingly imperative to gain employment and therefore the course draws maximum participation. Many of our students have are employed and doing well in their work.

f. Tally & DTP (Desktop publishing)– These are the two new courses recently registered by the Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGET). There is a growing number of participants in these courses.

g. Soft Skill for Baseline Staff in service sector & Soft Skill for frontline Office Assistant – These MES courses have helped our students to develop strong communication skills for personality development.

Alex Dessa (SKCC's student of the 7th batch) became despondent due to poverty and lack of opportunities in his life. He lost his father at a very early age. It was not possible for his poor mother to educate him soon after her husband's death. And therefore he lost all interest.

His uncle helped him to get admission in Seva Kendra Community College. He is a happier person now and gives credit to SKCC for having helped him become hopeful and build his confidence to face the world more boldly.
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