Training and Facilitative Hospitality Centres


The training centre which has been a strong support for all our ventures is giving a livelihood to 20 to 25 of our staff members and has become a strong source of local resource mobilisation. The most interesting part is that we hold programmes for ordinary poor people from the slums, executives from big companies and foreign visitors too. All these groups are happy and there is a good cohesion on one platform of social development.

There were 350 training programs conducted with a total number of 9820 residential and 4180 non-residential participants from April 2011 to March 2012.

Facilities available:
- 4 Conference halls
- 202 beds (Dormitory AC/ Non AC, Single bed AC/Non AC, Double bed AC /Non Ac) lodging
- Indian, Continental food
- Other amenities such as laptop, LCD projector, overhead projector and sound system
- Cars are available for passenger transport

- Howrah Station to Seva Kendra Training Centre: 07 KMs
- Sealdah Station to Seva Kendra Training Centre: 02 KMs
- NSCBI (Kolkata) Airport to Seva Kendra Training Centre: 17 KMs

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To book, please contact at the numbers at end of this page.


Our Training centre at Digha is called “Sindhu Tara”.

- 1 Big conference hall accommodating 60 people and 1small conference hall accommodating 20 people
- 18 rooms (1 single bed room, 4 double bedrooms, 8 triple bedrooms, 5 quadruple bedrooms)

To book, please contact at the numbers at end of this page.


The spacious and green surrounding of the training centre, one of the wings of Seva Kendra (Extn) Kharagpur, accommodates various community based programs with the likeminded organizations. It offers good food, lodging facilities and well furnished and equipped training halls to meet the need of various types of trainings that are being conducted at the centre.

- Solar Training- SKC
- Indian National Apostle's Diocese
- Meeting conducted by CCD –West Medinipur.
- Sacred Heart Church, Second Community, Kharagpur
- St. Vincent's Ashram, Jholi, Kharagpur.
Some of our partners for the year 2011-12 are:
- Grace Child Development Center, Chandra Kona Road
- Central Warehousing Corp.
- Telegu Union Baptist Church, Kharagpur
- Sacred Heart Church, Kharagpur
- Assembly of God Believer's Church in India, Kharagpur
- Action Aid
To book any of our facilities or for more information, please contact:
033 2329-0381/5400, 032 2026-6902
Mobile: + 91-9231834642