Polio Eradication Programme

Our Polio Eradication Programme is partnered with CORE and others.

India is one of the polio-endemic countries in the world. Poliomyelitisradicate polio transmission in India. The number of polio cases dropped to a record low of 42 cases in 2010 compared to 741 cases in 2009. The last case of clinically compatible polio virus was reported in January 2011. Since January 2011, India has had only one case of polio detected in Panchla, Howrah district of West Bengal. Now every case of polio in the country will be treated as a public health emergency.

Oral Polio vaccine continues to be an integral component of Polio Eradication Program. The program aims to immunize every child less than 5 years of age with the oral polio vaccine. State National Immunization Day was conducted with high coverage. India is now committed to eradicate Polio virus. Community Mobilization strategies have been adopted along with intensified regular vaccination. Polio Eradication Initiative (PEI) has now become a success story in India because of the outstanding progress made during the last couple of years.
The Central and State Governments, UNICEF, WHO and Rotary have contributed immensely towards this success.

In places under Uluberia Municipal Corporation (UMC), Domjur and Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC), an emergency response package has been rolled out by the government and other polio partners. Efforts to mobilize the community for polio vaccination has been scaled-up and rapid and large-scale polio immunization rounds are being carried out to protect children against polio and prevent the virus from spreading to other parts of the state and the country.

Seva Kendra Calcutta has joined hands with the 'CORE' group along with other partner agencies namely, UNICEF and ADRA, to reduce resistance and improve acceptance of polio vaccine in Howrah district of West Bengal.

Seva Kendra Calcutta has started working in 7 Gram Panchayats, 6 Uluberia Municipality Wards and 12 Howrah Municipal Corporation wards. We have a total of 192 Social mobilizers, 10 Block coordinators, 4 Supervisors and 3 Project Coordinators working on this program.

The strategy of CORE and Seva Kendra Calcutta to involve children in this campaign has proved effective as these children belonging to the 25 “Runner Dal” or “Bulawa toil” which we have formed know all the children below the age of 5 in their neighborhood.

Objective of the programme: An intensive emergency response in the high risk areas of Howrah, through community mobilization, with specific emphasis on Supplementary Immunization Activities (SIA) and community mobilization, targeting resistant families, leading to improved Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) coverage.

Capacity Building of the Mobilizers/ Block Coordinators / Project Coordinators on Pulse Polio through trainings.
- Awareness generation through dissemination of information on eradication of polio through Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials & meetings.
- To develop linkages with the government, local doctors and other partners like WHO, National Polio Surveillance Programme (NPSP) to facilitate social mobilization for polio eradication activities.
- Involvement of parents and other mobilizers in the community.