Revised National TB Control Programme

We express our gratitude to West Bengal Tuberculosis Control Cell for supporting the RNTCP/DOTs programme and CBCI – CARD for facilitating this project.

FACT: In India today, two deaths occur every three minutes from tuberculosis (TB). But these deaths can be prevented. With proper care and treatment, TB patients can be cured and the battle against TB can be won.

GOAL: The goal of RNTCP is to decrease mortality and morbidity due to TB and cut transmission of infection until TB ceases to be a major public health problem.

- To achieve and maintain the cure of at least 85% of the new sputum smearpositive cases.
- To achieve and maintain detection of at least 70% of such cases in the population.

SKC's role:
- To support RNTCP under 'Urban slum scheme'
- To provide DOTs' to the identified patients
Create awareness in the target areas.

- Creating awareness in the community
- Providing DOT to the patients
- Maintaining patients growth (medical) record
- Resolving conflicts in the family due to TB
- Counseling support to the patients and family members

- Cured 47 Lung TB cases, 3 Bone TB cases and 1 Brain TB case
- Dr. Krishan and Mr. Kuntal from Tandra Chest Clinic giving an input session 4 Madrasha children are discussed about TB
- Observing TB Day to create mass awareness
- Task Force member given TB input session to young girls
- Health Minister of Child Parliament Master OM preparing action plan on TB awareness program