With over 35 projects across several districts and hundreds of beneficiaries, Seva Kendra's primary source of funding are its steadfast donors - committed organisations and individuals.

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Seva Kendra Calcutta is committed to building a harmonious society, through participation and action towards the upliftment of the struggling and disadvantaged people of West Bengal. We achieve these goals through service, animation and mobilisation of people and build a network of partnership with the like-minded organisations.

Seva Kendra thrust is towards the following areas of action:

Promote organic and indigenous methods of cultivation

Develop and promote solar and renewable energy

Harnessing natural resources

Self evaluation and planning eco-friendly objectives

[See project details and case studies]

Mobilise local Resources and Funds

Mobilize Government Programmes for development, food, livelihood

Emergency relief & rehabilitation

Resource Training and Development facilities

[See project details and case studies]

Achieve formal education of all children at least till class VIII

STAG methodology and combat child labour

Skill development training for the unemployed youth

Promote gender equality and empower women specially ST/SC.

Build a network of partnership to work for livelihood and employment

Build self reliant SHGs & CBOs

Peace building through reconciliation

Stop human trafficking, promote Safe Migration and prevent early marriage

Work with Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI)

Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction

[See project details and case studies]

Improve maternal and child health and Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB.

HIV/AIDS community care & counseling centers

Teach importance of Herbal medicinal plants growth and use

Support TB (RNTCP) programme

Promote eco-sustainability and natural resource mobilisation

[See project details and case studies]

Seva Kendra
A self-reliant society based on peace, love and justice, respecting the human dignity and natural environment.
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